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Monday, 12 September 2011

Living Room Scheme

Here is the mood board I created for my living room which really does make it easier to plan.

I've chosen 2 different fabrics for curtains and roman blinds because I don't like everything too matchy-matchy. The black & white print is our Iron Flowers and the striped print is our French Stripes in Mango Yellow on white linen.

We're having someone come in to measure the windows for coverings next Monday so it's full-steam ahead with the living room. The painters are still finishing the windows this week - there were a lot!

So why didn't I stick to my chosen colour scheme when I painted these glass vases yesterday? (see tutorial here) I settled for "Sun Yellow", the only yellow that I could find in the White Knight Gloss Enamel range. It's just too mustard for my liking. If you like it, I will happily sell the vases to you. Pick up only.

So it was back to the op shops this morning to find new vessels to paint. This time, I will ask the paint shop if I have choose my own colour and have it mixed into the enamel paints.

Also, for the living room, I want to use these 2 fabrics to create patchwork upholstery for 2 retro armchairs; Marguerite print in Cottage Blue & French Stripes on Duckegg Blue.

The look is something like this. Please note this fabric is just draped over the chair but you get the idea.

Oh and my other big news is that we'll be participating in the Bowerbird Bazaar next month. I'm excited as I've never been to Adelaide before. I do hope there are some Thea & Sami fans out there who will visit us.


Sam said...

Living room plans sound great. Pebeo make paints for glass and ceramic in a big range of colours and you can mix your own as well. Needs to be cured in oven so whatever you are painting needs to be able to go in there...I have some but haven't used it yet.

Thea said...

Hi Sam, thanks for that but it's much easier just letting the enamel paint coat the insides of the vases; no baking required and no risk of cracking. Some of my vases would be too tall for my oven anyway.

Gail McCormack said...

Very tricky painting glass, I love mixing my own colours and making them transparent, but doing it that way means you end up with brush marks ..I'm yet to perfect, but will persist.

Love your patchwork idea!! Love the way you're always coming up with new ideas

Tiff said...

How exciting to do such a big makeover! The fun is in the planning!!! Love that patchwork! X

Posie Patchwork said...

Looks so cool!! Love Posie

gaby@stilelemente said...

Very exciting... I don't like things too matchy-matchy either. I'm sure the room will come together nicely... looking forward to seeing the end results - enjoy the journey :)

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