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Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Vintage Book Launch

On Thursday night, Elessa and I had the pleasure of attending a book launch for interior stylist Tahn Scoon's NEW VINTAGE book. The launch was hosted at Les Salles in Paddington (Brisbane).

This really is a beautiful book and it's all been photographed in Brisbane by Anastasia Kariofyllidis.

Tahn has included some great projects and you can learn how to make your own upholstered linen bed head.

or how to recover a drop-seat chair among other things.

Yes Karl Hilton, a soap on a rope is very amusing.

Here is the talented author Tahn Scoon signing my copy of her book. You can email Tahn to buy your own signed copy.


Elisa said...

You work very hard but you also know how to have fun! Looks like a lovely book. Glad you enjoyed the event. :)

one denim bird said...

Looks gorgeous! I'm a sucker for eye-candy handmade and vintage books! This will be on my wish list!

KT Doyle said...

I can vouch for what at great book this is, as I already own a copy! The launch was lovely too. Just like Tahn and Anastasia's book... Honest, sweet and pretty...

tahnscoonliving said...

Thanks so much Thea - and thanks so much for being there! Tahn x

Felicity said...

I have just ordered the book. Thank you so much for sharing about what you get up too.

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