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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Painted Entrance Doors

I have always loved painted entrance doors.

Image from here.

Dublin doors image from here.

I believe that painted entrance doors should be bold and bright don't you?

I am so excited that we finally have a painted entrance door and white French doors! I'm sure that our verandah will look even better once we get these exterior walls painted off-white.

In case you're interested, the colour of our front door is Taubman's "Mamala Bay".

I wasn't sure if painting a country style, wooden door with a Kookaburra stained glass window would work but I'm pleased we did.

This is what the front entry looked like before (image from real estate site). I'm afraid the look is just too "lumberjack's cabin" for my liking so everything is going to be painted!

I just need a wee break so have told the painters not to come back for a couple of weeks. I will be painting the furniture myself (all in good time).


RYLO Interiors said...

Thea its looking GREAT!!! Can't wait to see more updated photos! xx

theoldboathouse said...

Love it Thea. The blue picks up the colours of the kookaburra too. Xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Fabulous work, i think an entrance should indeed, make an entrance!! Love Posie

brismod said...

I love a brightly coloured door too. That looks great. xx

Jaz Higgins said...

Great idea! I love coloured entry doors as well. Aren't the purple ones lovely (1st pic)? Thanks for sharing.

Ivy & Piper said...

Thea so glad you took the plunge! Nothing as refreshing as painting out timber, timber, timber! Keep us posted. xx M & E

Thea said...

Thanks ladies. Ivy & Piper: I was thinking of you when I wrote this post. Remember how I commented on your blog that we had inherited the kookaburra glass doors? Your post inspired me to paint them anyway.

esther said...

I love the painted doors. Some days I drive past a house that has a bright red door; it always makes me smile. Now I just have to convince others to let me do ours.

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