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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spring Cushions

Isn't it a beautiful day in Brisbane today for our first day of Spring? I've been trying to keep up with work but with the window painters coming so early each day, I have no energy left by the evening; hence the lack of blog posts.

Appropriately for today, I have just added some pretty new linen cushions for Spring. Do you like them?

They are twice as pretty with the Hydrangea print on one side in "Aqualicious" and the Cottage Garden print on the other in "Lily Pink".

The best news is that we have kept them the same price as the one-side printed cushions. You can purchase these on-line now. More colours to follow.


Naturally Carol said...

i like that idea!

Claudia Lane said...

love them Thea, they're absolutely gorgeous...colours are fantastic :)

Claudia xo said...

What a great start to Spring! Love them x x

Bayside Rose said...

Love those colour Thea. See you on Saturday.
Pam x

decush said...

Love your printed cushions, I hope there is no dacron in them

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