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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spring Screen Printers

Lovely and original screen-printed designs came out of our class yesterday.

Coffee cups; 2-colour screen-print by Jolie Beckett.

Coffee beans by Jolie Beckett who happens to be a barista. Could you guess? She is very passionate about coffee.

Grass screen-print by Miranda Garry. White print on natural linen tea-towel.

Trees screen-print by Miranda Garry. White on off-white hemp/organic cotton fabric.

Flying ducks screen-prints by Sharon Parker.

2 colour screen print by Sharon Parker; inspired by tattoo design.

What a photogenic group! The happy screen-printers from left-to-right; Miranda Garry, Jolie Beckett and Sharon Parker. Thank you all for a great class.

If you're inspired and want to spend a fun day screen-printing, our next class is scheduled for Saturday, 8th October. You can secure your place with a 50% deposit through our website or contact me to make other arrangements.

1 comment:

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Clever peeps!!

I am loving the brown and orange coffee cups...

Xo Steph

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