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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Spring Stripes

It really felt like Spring today. The day was sunny & warm, I finished printing yummy new stripes and I treated myself to a pedicure in preparation for strappy sandal wearing.

I hope you like our new colours. It's a little difficult getting them to look right on the computer monitor but you may purchase swatches if you like.

It took me FOREVER to mix a yellow that worked on the white linen but I'm really happy with this now and because I'm a Queenslander, it's been named Mango Yellow.

I'll be using this yellow stripe in my living room. Our windows have all been painted white and look a thousand times better than before. I'll show you the mood board I've created tomorrow to help me with my decorating scheme.

You may prefer these other colours:


Lily Pink

or Blue Marine. I would love to know which one you like the best.

All new stripes are available to purchase here. The same colours can be printed in any of our designs. Please contact me about custom-made furnishings and lampshades.


Gild and Grace said...

These are all gorgeous Thea! Great colours :) Abbey x

plushka said...

Hmm, which one I like the most? I love them all! So don't make me choose;) However, if tortured, I would probably pick mango yellow.

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Thea..I've just made two cushion covers in that shade of pink! I had to adjust my computer screen to get the colour looking right..I'm just hoping it comes through the same on other peoples?? I like your marine..deep navy stripe the best. It just looks so smart.

A Christy Production said...

Thea, they are PERFECT! Pure delightfulness!

theoldboathouse said...

Love these collies Thea they are so fresh and happy. Xx Katherine

Anonymous said...

Love the pastel stripes, they are gorgoeus, my favourite colours too!

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