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Monday, 24 October 2011

The Romans have Landed

I can't tell you how excited I was to have our beautifully made curtains and roman blinds installed in our living room today.

To see updated professional images of this room, check out this blog post.

The curtain making was done by Janneale of Miraje Home and installed by Colin (as pictured below).

There is a certain satisfaction in seeing fabric that I have designed and screen-printed decorating our home. The wall colour is Taubman's "Tahnee Blue" if you're interested. I really like it with the black & white fabric.

Please excuse the poor quality of my images; it's not easy taking interior shots with sunlight streaming in. I will keep adding new photos as I finish off other projects in this room. Yes, I know I have to add cushions, lots of them!

If you like the fabric design, it's Iron Flowers hand-printed by Thea & Sami on 100% European, pre-shrunk linen.

I highly recommend Janneale's interior design services. Her lovely store Miraje Home in Cleveland also retails Thea & Sami homewares.


Naturally Carol said...

It is hard to take pictures of interiors with bright sunshine outside..but you've captured enough for us to know how beautifully the room is coming together. The blinds and curtains really soften the room and look fab. I like the way you've put the yellow tables next to the sofa too.

Anna Bartlett said...

They look terrific, Thea - but I'm having some sort of conniptions looking at a sofa without cushions.... (twitch! twitch) Better... bring...some...home...quickly!

Calico Child said...

Lovely design Thea enjoy getting the room all together :)) x

Felicity said...

A truly fabulous space Thea and I can only imagine the satisfaction you derive in having your own designs featured in this way.

I spy with my little eye some special side tables too - very nice!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

It's all coming together beautifully!

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