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Sunday, 16 October 2011

We Love Suckers

If you're looking for natural printed fabrics for teens or boys' rooms, you may like our new Tentacality Design, inspired by octopus tentacles; the suckers to be exact.

I think this one would look good as wall art too. I'm going to stretch it over an artist's canvas and show you once I do.

Tentacality is now available for purchase in a variety of colourways through our on-line store. Buy as little as a 1/4 metre (50 x 75 cm) to sew your own cushion or buy one ready-made.

We can print other colours if you like. Just ask, although minimums may apply for custom prints.

Have a lovely Sunday! Smiles all around for the sunny skies in Brisbane today.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh me likes, me likes a LOT!! Love Posie

designed to a T said...

Thea the print turned our absolutely beautifully. And the colourways look fab too. Good to see it's all come together.

Lyssy May said...

These look brilliant Thea - congratulations!

A-M said...

Oh the cushion, the cushion... it's gorgeous! A-M xx

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