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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Jewel in the Crown

Are you enjoying this year yet? I am and today is Voyt's birthday so we're looking forward to spending a lovely day out in the sunshine.

I have added a few more things to my Great Orange Sale and this one is the Jewel in the Crown. A West German vintage vase in perfect condition that stands proud and tall at 41 cm. You can make an offer on this one here.

Have you had your morning coffee yet? You can start enjoy good old-fashioned coffees with these goodies now listed. All starting at only 99 cents each. Check out all of my current listings here and Happy Bidding!


Bayside Rose said...

Happy Birthday to that young man of yours Thea! Hope you have a lovely day together.

Your retro items are stunning and good luck with them. xx

brismod said...

Retroliscious Thea! And best wishes to your hubby too! xx

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