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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Printing Inks Q&A

I seem to get a lot of questions about the Permaset Aqua inks we use. I thought I would answer a couple of them publicly in case any of you may have encountered the same issues.

Q: Ashley from the UK wants to know how to avoid getting streaks when mixing different colours together.

A: We use a hand-held mixer and make sure to stop and scrap the inks from the bottom of the bowl/mixing container with a spatula every so often.

Q: Jane from the US was using the Permaset "Transparent White" ink in her colour mixing which has now been discontinued. What should she do?

A: I like using the Permaset "Print Paste" for diluting colours and for when you don't want a pastel shade. That would be achieved by mixing with the opaque "Standard White" ink.

Don't forget to heat-set all printed fabrics!

Disclaimer: Permaset Inks do not pay me for this advice. It is solely based on my own experience.


ambette said...

Thanks for the tip with the Permaset print paste! I hadn't heard of it before, so that's a handy one to store away for future use.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

So that is how your mixer got that interesting paint job!
Enjoy your weekend Thea. :)

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