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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Amazing DIY Rugs

I need an area rug for our living room and quite like the idea of having something unique so I've been looking at Do-It-Yourself Rugs. I thought I would share the fabulous ideas that have inspired me.

This beauty was made by hot-glueing together strips of felt and was created by the clever folks over at Martha Stewart here.

Sisal rugs are economical and a great canvas for stencilling your own design. To see this great tutorial, visit Pudel Design here.

Here's another sisal rug that has been cleverly transformed with a Sharpie pen! Find details here at A Nest for All Seasons.

The Hedge Maze area rug has been created with the use of electric clippers. Read the tutorial here at Make Zine.

The Redeploy Rug is so innovative and upcycled to boot! Made from 100% Wool and stuffed with wool-blend army surplus blankets, it is the creation of Rebekah Rauser of Rauser Design. While there isn't a tutorial for this one, you could create something similar.

I love all of them. Do you have a favourite or have any other links that you would like to add? Please feel free to comment.


Cultiver said...

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing Thea, I especially love the maze. Bec

mondocherry said...

I've had a diy painted rug on my to-do list for a while now. Love all these examples...inspiring!
Clare x

Ruby and Belle said...

Thanks Thea
I have been searching for a blue rug for my lounge for ages this could just be the perfect solution.
Love the painted ikea rug!!

did Anna from Bubba and La email you, hope that was ok, she is a lovely lady :-)

Pudel-design said...

Hi, thank you for showing my stencil rug to your readers;)
You`ve made my day!

Lovely greetings...

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