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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Green Towels and How to Photograph Them

It's taken me a long time to figure out how to successfully photograph tea towels but I'm going to share my little tips with you and since it's St. Patrick's Day, it's all about the colour green.

I no longer try to photograph products from directly above as this always results in annoying shadows. Instead, I now tape the subject onto a white background and in a vertical position. In the image above, I have positioned one white foamcore board horizontally on two chairs and another perpendicular to this.

Using green painter's tape to secure the towel to the board, I photograph the towel as square on as possible and then use the warp feature in Photoshop to straighten up edges. The green tape is erased digitally by using the copy and paste feature; taking a little of the surrounding tea-towel edge.

Here is the finished product image that includes colour correction. Cottage Garden tea-towel can be purchased here in Ferny Green and other print colours.

Hydrangea tea-towel.

Lilacs tea-towel. This one was photographed on the wall so you can see that the images taken with the second reflective board look better. I should probably reshoot the Lilacs. All towels are photographed in natural day-light.


vickilw said...

Thanks so much for the photo tips. I am yet to master anything other than the basics in adobe photoshop

Raw Ceramics said...

Great tip Thea...thanks for sharing.
Would strong double sided tape work as well?

Thea said...

Hi Raw Ceramics, you could try it but I think it might not allow the fabric to hang loose and flat. I use my painter's tape for everything in my studio including registering small screens on the table. It's easily repositioned and doesn't leave marks on anything and I reuse it several times :) It only takes me a minute to "erase" it in Photoshop.

Raine and Sage said...

Sharing is caring - great tip! Love the new look blog. Very swish!
Sorry to hear what a rough trot it's been recently, and glad things have improved. x

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