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Friday, 13 April 2012

April Fabric Printing Class

Here are some highlights from our 2-day class earlier this week.

Cameras in repeat become a cool fabric design.

Camera design by Kate Perry of Red Chalk. See previous post too.

This is Kate screen-printing yardage with me. Perfect pass of the squeegie!

Eiffel Tower design by Kelli Grennan of See-Saw Illustration & Design

This is Kelli about to take over the screen-printing.

Cute screen-prints by Sophie Farquhar of Bed Toppings.

This is Ellen Stapleton's screen-print. Unfortunately, Ellen didn't make it back for day 2 so we didn't get a photo of her :( But you catch her and her amazing art work on Ellen Stapleton Art & Design.

Screen print by Nicola Duncan of Make Space.

Nicola and Sophie cutting out stencils.

Screen printed design by Helen Vickers.

Helen & Nicola.

Setting up the new Floribunda design: the screen is printed once on the fabric, the design positive is then lined up next to that (dry) print. This where the next screen will then be printed. We measure the distance and that's the repeat width for that fabric print.

10 metres of hand-printed yardage. Well done ladies and thank you for coming to our class!


Pesky Cat Designs said...

I always enjoy seeing what goes on in your classes. So much fun seeing what beautiful prints your students design. And WOW, love that last pic with the 10 meters of fabric!

Tiff said...

Love those prints!!! X

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