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Sunday, 1 April 2012

At the Wedding Expo

We're at the Queensland Brides Wedding Expo in South Brisbane this weekend!

We only have a small, 2 x 2 m stand so it's not easy trying to represent all that do on one table. However, it somehow works with the aid of the Napkins Portfolio we assembled and another with fabric samples.

The response to our idea of custom printed tableware has been wonderful so hopefully, we'll have some real wedding photos to share with you over the next few months.

We're at the Expo until 4.00 pm today. You will either meet my lovely assistant/daughter Elessa or myself. We are especially excited about bringing your own ideas to fruition.

PS. Please excuse poor quality of images due to artificial lighting.


designed to a T said...

Wow Thea, you can't mistake her for anybody else's daughter! She looks sooo much like you!! Hope the Expo goes well for you...T

le_third said...

so glad it has been worthwhile - these expos can be expensive to attend for participants ... btw I must say your daughter is stunning - what a great T&S ambassador :) le xox

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