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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cupcake Icing Class

Here are the images from our Cupcake Decorating Class as promised. Elessa and I had so much fun!

Food colouring in a rainbow of colours

Making Butterflies

 Making Roses

  My girl Elessa was the model student.

Our lovely and awesome teacher Sumayya with Elessa. 

Texture in fondant - a fabric designer's dream!

My cupcakes! I was happy with my first effort. All of these were eaten by me (over 3 days) since I was the only one at home and with no regrets, they were delicious!

If you want to have a fun morning out, I highly recommend that you take a friend and do a class with Mio Cupcakes. Visit their blog or facebook page for details.


Raina Cox said...

That first photo is perfection.

And "three days"? You showed admirable restraint.

Thea said...

I thought so too Raina!

Ruby and Belle said...

That looks great Thea.
I will have to book Ruby and I into one of those classes.
I am still trying to make a Friday to come to see you, the flu has taken us all down one by one and has been not kind, so when I finally have a free and healthy day I WILL come by and say hi.

Just Martha said...

Dd you have a lovely cupcake recipe too? They look wonderful and it looks like you had great fun too

Thea said...

Hi Ruby & Belle - hurry up and visit us! We're planning to downsize and relocate soon.

There was no time to bake the cupcakes Just Martha so Sumayya had them ready for us. So delicious! But she did give us the recipe for them (vanilla cupcakes).

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