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Monday, 9 July 2012

Eco Gifts & Wrap

Had a lovely lunch with my son Val and girlfriend Tomoka yesterday.

I was asked to bring the wine. I wrapped it with a hand-printed, linen tea-towel. A nice gift to remember long after the wine is forgotten.

Tip: always fold the tea-towel over the bottom of the wine bottle so it doesn't slip out when tied. Use natural twine.

Position tea-towel so the design becomes part of the gift wrap. Our Lilacs towel is perfect for this and was accompanied by a set of Lilacs napkins.

Tomoka wanted a milk jug so I was thrilled when I found this vintage Hornsea set with sugar bowl. She loved it. 

Tea set was packaged in recycled post pack. The ugliness was covered by pretty Washi tape. Ecologically sound as it's made from Japanese rice paper. 

Along with the vintage, organic wine, natural linen, twine and water-based inks; it's all good.

1 comment:

Lee Caroline said...

Oh, I love the idea with the wine wrapping it in that gorgeous t towel. I just discovered your blog through Gild and Grace. Just having a further mooch around. I am a kiwi blogger with an Interior Design/lifestyle blog.

Lee ☺

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