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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Warm Heart

I screen-printed a new hand-cut design today on vintage wool blanket.

I hope you like it as pieces like this one are destined to become new upcycled, cosy cushions. Soon.

Tomorrow, Elessa and I skipping the studio to attend a cupcake decorating class so hopefully, we'll have wonderful creations to share with you. Otherwise, I'll show you the best ones from the class.


the old boathouse said...

Love this idea Thea. Have fun with your cupcakes!

Thea said...

Thanks Katherine. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring professionally decorated cupcakes to our next morning tea. x

Tiff said...

Lovely Thea! Look forward to seeing those cup cakes! X

brismod said...

I'm loving the concept of the upcycled wool blankets. I've bought the whole family vintage blankets from the opshops and they have been terrific quality. xx

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