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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Making Time

I always feel like I don't have time to design and feel bogged down by the less enjoyable tasks of running a small business. 

However, something I read recently really resonated with me: that we all have time to do things but instead choose to spend that time doing something else.

So today I'm not going to the studio and I'm going to ignore the mess in the house and will allocate today and tomorrow to working on a new fabric design. I've been up since dawn just sketching and am loving it. Seriously, I've forgotten how much I've missed it. 

The goal is to have a new fabric screen ready for my yardage printing class to print next week. There, I've put it out there.


Naturally Carol said...

I think that is true..since getting another computer I have spent a lot more time whiling away the hours here.

Thea said...

Oh yes, easily done Carol!

A-M said...

Oh I agree Thea. You just have to get tough and put your foot down and do the things that inspire and hang everything else. A-M xx

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