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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bohemian Blooms Preview

You first saw a peek of 'Bohemian Blooms', our new fabric design on paper here. Of course, nothing compares to finally screen-printing it for 'real' on actual fabric.

The first test-print yesterday was black on white linen which I think suits the design considering that my inspiration for it was floral lace.

I love strong colours so had to test print Rose ink on white linen too. Do you like it? I'm happy that the fine details print so well.

This is the fabric screen that arrived yesterday. It's our biggest and heaviest one so may be a challenge for our new studio assistant but we never shy away from challenges in the Thea and Sami studio.

And this is what the "Bohemian Blooms" coordinating tea-towel will look like. The image shows the positive lying over a tea-towel. I had to make the scale of the blooms smaller than the fabric ones for the design to look good on the towel. The image positive now needs to be exposed onto a screen for printing. 

There's always a lot to do with every new fabric design such as making up coordinating product samples of tea-towels, cushions, runners and napkins and of course my new bedroom curtains!


Cat Drawings said...

Love this design, Thea. Particularly the tea towel version.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Love it Thea, absolutely gorgeous!

Hazel Schreiner said...

Honestly... where have I been! How on earth did I miss that you had a blog!! I really have been absent from the online world for much too long!! x

:) Hazel

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your new design is a beauty! I especially love it in the black and white. Great addition to your shop!

Thea said...

Thanks Lovelies. It's okay Hazel, I don't have time to read blogs either but we follow each other on facebook. It's easier to keep up to date.

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