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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Furniture Preview

We love our new upholstery weight Natural Linen and have been planning new products for it.

Firstly, we're having a couple of vintage TV armchairs professionally upcycled by the talented Flourish & Blume team. 
One of the chairs will feature our new 'Bohemiam Blooms' design (as pictured). The other chair will be a surprise.

If you like it, you can now order the 'Bohemian Blooms' fabric on-line. Tea-towels are coming next week. 

I'm especially excited to announce that we're working with a local furniture maker to have ottomans made. We're having these 2 models made up first; the classic cube and the cylinder.

Which do you prefer? Of course, they will look better once they're covered with our printed linen. 

There's a lot to get done over the next few months as I've bitten the bullet and booked a stand at the Decoration + Design Show in Sydney in February. Nervous & excited at the same time. Are you visiting?

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