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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Souvenir Spoons and Other Oldies

It's funny how things you thought were uncool when you were young suddenly seem so cool now. Maybe it's just a nostalgia thing?

Picked out these old Australian souvenir spoons at the local op shop yesterday. I love them and can't wait to use them at my next morning tea.

I had to choose one that depicted Brisbane's City Hall, the others in this image represent Ballarat and Melbourne. 

All to be perfectly accompanied by my beloved vintage porcelain tea-cups. The collection is made up of primarily mismatched pieces. This started as an accident when my daughter had broken a saucer. Now, it's actually cheaper to buy single pieces and I'm not so precious about breakages.
Of course, the tablecloth is vintage too. I just love vintage, don't you?


Tiff said...

Love those spoons and adore your beautiful china! Happy week! X

clare's craftroom said...

I use all my old spoons and lovely crockery too !

Naturally Carol said...

I do love vintage..and did even before it was popular! I hadn't ever thought of mismatched cups and saucers though..that's a really good idea and saves throwing out or sidelining one piece because one of the pair is broken.

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