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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Benefits of Cleaning

There are definite benefits to cleaning out your closet and opening scarey boxes.
The main one being rediscovering forgotten treasures! I screen printed over this vintage tweed skirt 8 years ago when I was studying Textile Design in Canada. I was 'upcycling' before I even knew the word.

The detail shows the lovely colours in the weave and my coordinating screen-print. The combination is a textile lover's dream although perhaps not everybody's cup of tea. 

The skirt still fits so I'll be wearing it in San Francisco in January on our holiday. Perfect for an indie kind of city!


A-M said...

Love it! xx

Naturally Carol said...

You were ahead of your time! Lovely skirt.

Wendy C said...

so lovely! Great work. Enjoy San Fran!!

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

Hell yes wear it! Something I would like to get my greasy paws on....


Christine Nelson Stevens said...

That skirt is a great combination of color and pattern. I love your work.

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