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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sunny Sydney

Loving our stay here in Surry Hills, Sydney. Tomoka (who has been assisting me) and I have enjoyed breakfast each morning at different cafes and at ethnic restaurants for dinner. So many great choices around Crown Street! 

We've been good though and walking to and from the Decoration + Design show, 30 minutes each way. Today, we'll be driving though so we can pack up afterwards. Probably just as well as I think our feet will have reached their limit by today's end.

Our new 'Diamond Stitch' design, launched at the show. This is screen printed on the natural upholstery linen in Red, Black and Emerald. We've also printed jewel colours on white linen. New cushions available soon.
Here's Tomoka enjoying the amazing weather. The best thing about Sydney are the long, sunny days. We finished at 5 pm yesterday and still had 3 hours to enjoy the daylight at Darling Harbour, something we're not used to in Brisbane.

Here I am too. Don't usually like having my photo taken but I just love my Donna Morgan purple print dress bought in San Francisco. Got to get ready now for the last day at the show. Have met some great people and hope to see you there too.

3 comments: said...

I was born in Sydney and always have a soft touch for it. Looks like you are having fun!

Gabriele Rossini said...

Does Tomoka have a boyfriend? ;)

Thea said...

Yes Gabriele, she sure does.

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