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Friday, 31 May 2013

Tree Printing Workshop

It's time I shared images from our last screen-printing workshop. I didn't think I had enough photos but thanks to Tamara Franz, I have plenty to share and inspire. 

It wasn't really a workshop of printing trees but it may look that  way starting with Christy Argo and her beautiful tree silhouettes.

Christy also printed some lovely shell shapes inspired by her Sunshine Coast abode.

A totally different tree print by Tamara Franz. 

Love the random 2 colour print also by Tamara.

Caroline Bloomfield went balmy with her tree prints. How good does the last one look on her striped apron?

Carina Bloomfield (daughter of Caroline) steered away from trees and printed the above cuties. Caroline and Carina drove all the way from the NSW South Coast for our 2-day workshop! Thanks ladies.

Scrumptious pineapple prints by Karyn Hillier.

2 colour print by Naomi Robinson. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended from afar. In fact, nobody was from Brisbane. 

Now I have a very exciting announcement.  In addition to our usual 1 & 2-Day workshops, you may opt to add an extra 2 days to design and print your own repeat and further experiment on the last day! 

Students who have completed Days 1 and 2 in the past, may enrol in just Days 3 & 4. Please visit the website for full information and to book your place.

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