Sunday, 25 January 2009

Funky Fabrix

Funky Birds from a funky lady.  How cute are these?? Design is not just about shapes but colour too!

Shona Farr was the fifth participant in our screen-printing workshop yesterday and is a fabric lover from way back. Together with husband Jason, Shona owns and operates Funky Fabrix, an on-line store that specialises in vintage fabrics as well as Australian designer fabric.  The store now has a physical presence right here in Brisbane at Mitchelton.  I am looking forward to visiting the store soon and including it as one of Thea & Sami's new stockists of hand-printed sustainable fabrics and homewares. 

I promise that the fabrics will be listed very soon on our own
shopping site too.


Shona was very productive yesterday and is seen here busily cutting out another stencil of a cute bird and tree.  In addition to her calico prints, she managed to print a tea-towel plus 3 organic cotton t-shirts for her children.  I hope they don't mind the matching outfits :)

Towards the end of the class, everybody is usually blow-drying their work so they can take it home. It's always a challenge getting people to stop printing in the Saturday class but that's okay because it shows that they are having fun.

Shona will be returning to the Thea & Sami studio in February to do our t-shirt commercial screen-printing class.

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Little Jane St said...

Looks like buckets of fun Thea! Can't wait to take our class!!

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