Monday, 19 January 2009

Sonya and Jennifer Screen Print

You may be wondering just how much we do get done in our screen-printing workshops? Although mostly beginners, everybody does leave with amazing stuff that they have personally designed and printed on the day.  Our blog will be showcasing exactly what is achieved in each class with a little imagination, some screen-printing supplies and of course the best teacher ever (joking)!

Last Saturday, we had 4 participants. First up we have Sonya Hildred-Ward who had previously studied fashion design in New Zealand and was eager to try a little fabric design.

Sonya's design skills will no doubt come in handy as she and her husband embark on their new business called 1260 Chic.  The company will be importing leather bags and accessories that are hand-crafted in Morocco.  Sonya visited the region recently to ensure that the artisans are working under fair trade conditions.

Don't you just love her funky 2-colour print? Very reminiscent of 60's floral prints.

Jennifer Marchant also runs her own business called Graphic Objects and can be contacted on jennifer[at]  She put her artistic talents to work and created this bright citrus print on a natural linen tea-towel.

Jen's first design was supposed to be an abstract but I am convinced that this is a very cool kiwifruit screen print.


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