Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Keep It Simple Sweetie; the best designs are often the most effective when screen printing by hand. Susie Raz printed this vase with flowers on a hemp tea-towel as well as printing another design in 2 colours in this lovely fabric border (below). A simple design on a small screen can be used in endless ways and printed in several directions and colours to get a different look each time.

Gitta Siemund-Edwards gets the award for coming the greatest distance for our
workshop. She is visiting Brisbane from Germany where she teaches craft. Of course, she didn't come all the way just for our class but I like to believe that we have inspired her a little. Gitta overprinted on an Ikea cushion to make it unique. That's Susie Raz in the background... I apologise Susie for not getting a better photo of you.

The simple lines (below) by Gitta are also quite effective. All of these type of designs are easy for anyone to do. If you are visiting the
Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show, I will be demonstrating how to easily screen-print at home.


9crafty11 said...

ooohhh..look forward to seeing your demo & meeting you!

Thea said...

Yes, please introduce yourself. Hint: discount vouchers will be given for future screen-printing classes at the daily demos.

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