Thursday, 7 May 2009

Moo Moo

One of the most exciting things about participating in the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show last week was meeting all you wonderful bloggers and blog followers.  I was delighted to meet Therese Hayes who creates beautiful bags and chooses to use Australian designer fabrics in her work.  

I had visited the Little Mary Moo's Place blog before and admired the creations so was especially thrilled when Therese purchased some of our "Fretwork" hemp/organic cotton fabric, hand-printed in red to complement the denim of this messenger bag. Funnily enough, the red print was leftover from a special order but I am now inspired to print more of it.  

You can purchase this and other bags at etsy store: Little Mary Moo's Place.

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Finki said...

Your print looks really striking in this bag. Gorgeous.

Little Mary Moo said...

Thank you for you kind comments Thea. It is easy to make a bag look good with such fantastic textiles. I would be very excited if you did print some more of this fabric. Thank you for your support!

M* (Melanie) said...

Hi Thea. Thank you for your lovely comments about my blog. Apart from the kind words it has led me to discover your blog which is also fantastic. I love your prints and wish I could attend one of your workshops. I did some screen printing a few years back but would love to do it again

Thea said...

Thanks Melanie. You may have to visit Brisbane :) I have added your lovely blog to my links.

Thea said...

You'll be pleased to know that we have now printed more of the red "Fretwork". New listings will be on the on-line store very soon.

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