Sunday, 28 March 2010

Screen Printing Class

A lovely group of ladies attended our screen-printing class on Saturday. The following is a selection of their work to inspire you all.

Mmm, what is this stylish lady thinking? Only creator Celia Swales (pictured below) knows for sure.

White ink seems to be very popular in the Thea & Sami studio lately. Everything looks so elegant when it's printed in white including Celia's linen tea-towel with her stylised peacock.

While we're on the subject of peacocks, Emma Speak is nicely coordinated with our hanging Peacock Print. This is the print that I had originally designed for Lyssy May's summer bag range. We will soon be releasing the fabric for sale in various colours on organic cotton and natural linen.

Emma is a nutritionist but was very keen on exploring her creative side and wanted to produce scarey but elegant images. I think it's always interesting that the same print can look so different in another colour.

I wrongly assumed that this was a lovely chair but it is actually a guillotine print. It does look pretty and elegant in the lilac though. It's so easy to forget that that Paris has a gory history.

Unfortunately, there always seems to be somebody that I miss photographing in my haste and this time that was Michelle Cornish. So sorry Michelle but where were you hiding? Never mind, we can still admire your lovely abstract prints. Update:
See what Michelle did with her fabric prints here.

Mother and daughter Suzanne and Ramona Raggl have recently started a business called Anton's Lane specialising in organic nursery bedding.

Suzanne printed this sweet silhouette from the range.

Also from that range is this apple print. When something is hand-made, it's nice when it's obviously so, don't you think? I love the raw beauty of this.

Today, I'm a little sad as I drove my son to the airport. He is flying to Greece and staying for a year to spend time with his father and to figure out what he wants to do. As he was born in Greece, he will probably have to go to the Greek Army for national service. And tomorrow morning, I am picking up my husband from the airport as he is returning from a hectic week in Canada.

I will have so much to announce this week. There are many changes happening in my home and business life. Firstly, I won't be teaching as many workshops as I was, due to the growing demands on my time. I think not more than once every 3 months at this stage. I have listed a class for June so you can now book that on-line.

Don't forget that you can see us screen-printing fabrics at our
Open Studio Day.


Pippi creates said...

Nice prints! I haven't pulled out my screen printing bits and pieces for a while, this gives me the push along I need to get it out again. Love the scary elegant dragon!

Tania said...

Ai yai yai. I hate those kind of airport farewells. Thank goodness there was a homecoming to soften the blow. And I trust there is an occasional hunk of R&R time scheduled into the day to day mix? (she types sternly)...

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, what talents some really amazing work!Thank-you for sharing such a joy! Holding a giveaway over on My Passport to Style, to win the sweetest gold bicycle pendant,thought you might be interested!Details bottom of todays post! Sharon xx

Mitzi Curi said...

All of the projects are great, but I especially love the silhouette of the two children. Very cute!

yardage girl said...

I love seeing what your students create - thanks for sharing! Nic

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Great prints! I still hope to join in a class with you once things settle down here. They look loads of fun!

Sorry to hear that your son has gone for a year, hopefully you'll be so busy (busy in a good way) that the time will just fly by. Welcome home to that lovely hubby of yours too :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

How wonderful to get to see all the creativity that happened at your screen printing class!

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