Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Too Much Fun

Five lovely ladies escaped from spouses, children and pets last Saturday to attended our screen-printing class.

Having a well-deserved coffee break were (l-r) Louise Johnson, Jane Morison, Abbie Beeson, Klaudia Puljic and Justine Kelly.

There was a lot of cute going on in this class. Simple designs work so well for screen-printing.

Floral designs always look elegant on natural linen.

Abbie did an amazing job of printing her leaf motif in a randomly tossed design. It's easy to create your own fabric design with the use of a small screen and repeating the print in this way.

So you want to know when the next screen-printing class is? Unfortunately, not until the end of August, after we return from Life In Style. Please book on-line.


Anonymous said...

wow everything does look super cute!
-Elessa x

Felicity said...

The little owl and the lotus flower are my standouts.
X Felicity

Sandrine said...

Love the leaf design on linen!Melbourne!!that sound like a great exhibition to be part of!x

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