Sunday 12 September 2010

My Week in Review

Did you miss me? Sorry that I have been absent these last few days but this has been our busiest time ever and I have been working harder than ever. What I didn't tell you is that I returned from Melbourne only to find that I no longer had a studio assistant. No warning. But I am one tough cookie and have worked too hard to get to this point so the show must go on.

This week, I single-handedly started printing hundreds of tea-towels and placemats and getting fabrics ready for cutters and sewers. Yes, I'm exhausted!

Which brings me to the significance of this photo. We all take the simple pleasures in life for granted until we don't have them. We had the worse shower head ever, until last Friday. The previous shower head (in both bathrooms) wouldn't stay up because the holder was cheap plastic and broken. It took hubby Voyt weeks of searching to find a shower head and attachments with metal parts.

Finally, the perfect large shower head and parts were found at
Tradelink with very good service too. Now, I actually look forward to having showers again. Nothing better than having the pressure of hot water on those aching muscles, right?

And every good bathroom needs a great bathmat, does it not? I couldn't resist this sweetie from Just Plain Gorgeous in Bulimba. Stay tuned for more news from this shop.

Roses rule and this rubber necklace was one of the nice surprises that came out of Life Instyle. One of exhibitors from The Dungeon imports jewellery from Brazil and my husband bought this one for me. It was so sweet of him as our wedding anniversary was the day after the show finished.

Voyt knows how much I love Brazilian products, so innovative! We have been to Brazil twice and I just love it for the amazing shopping (and food). The brand of the necklace is
Melko and I don't think this one is in stores yet.

Oh, and we had to pick up my son, who was returning home after 5 months in Greece, from the airport on Saturday morning at 2.00 am. What an ungodly hour for flights to be coming into the country! I could barely stay awake but at least he compensated me with a pair of leather sandals. Now I need to get a pedicure.

I ordered a bunch of charity hankys from Anna, all in pink because it's my happy colour. I'm keeping one for myself but will include another in a giveaway I am hosting soon. It's been a while so I want to put together some exciting goodies for you.

This is the envelope that Anna mailed my hankies in. Now, how can I not keep this? A little piece of her artistic genius at no extra cost.

Finally, I will reveal that my road trip was a success. Thea & Sami products will soon be available from the loveliest shop at the Sunshine Coast. I can't reveal much more at this time but this gorgeous hand-made cabinet is an example of the beautiful things you will find there.

I hope you had a great week. I'm off to enjoy my morning shower now.


Felicity said...

Yeah for your gifts and treaures [what a savvy shopper your son is!] AND for your products coming to my home town.
Enjoy your showers, washing your hair will be a breeze now.
x Feliciyt

Red Revival said...

Go Thea!! You a tough cookie but a sweet one too :-)

Life in the Country Lane said...

What a busy week! Good to hear its been full of great purchases and gifts. Nothing like a decent shower after a big day. Must be nice to have your son home. thank you for your comment on my recent post. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Rebecca x

Sandrine said...

You are such a strong cookie!!!Yeah for the prezzies and the shower :)and the Sunshine Coast got me curious now :)xx

Unknown said...

Love the necklace Thea. My kinda thing. What a nice (and thoughtful) hubby you have....Terese

yardage girl said...

Oh Thea - I hope next week is better for you!

bubbachenille said...

I finally made it in to Just Plain Gorgeous on the weekend and wasn't dissappointed ! It is just plain gorgeous ! I missed that yummy bathmat though!

admin said...

love that dresser Thea!! I saw some of your work in the latest Notebook mag! fantastic :) well done! Sarah

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Love all your finds especially the bless you hankie! Sorry to hear about your studio assistant. Wishing you best of luck with all your preparations. You are an inspiration!

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