Saturday, 25 September 2010

Valentino Love

I had a lovely day off yesterday with my daughter Elessa, who is visiting from Melbourne. We both went to see the much acclaimed Valentino Retrospective exhibition that was on at GOMA.

What a creative genius the man was! The show, exclusive to Brisbane, features haute couture gowns from Valentino's successful 50 year career. It's a great excuse to visit our fair city and I promise that it will be worth your while. I do suggest trying to avoid visiting during school holidays if possible; it was busy!

I can't tell you how exciting it was to see gowns worn by such legends as Elizabeth Taylor and modern stars such as Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts. The hand-crafted detail on these just has to be seen to be truly appreciated! I was equally amazed by how thin these people must be. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted inside the gallery but I did purchase some postcards to give you a sneak preview.

Love the pinks & orange on the short evening gown from the Autumn/Winter 2007-08 Collection. The evening assemble on the right was one of my favourites. The coordinating coat has the most amazing hand-worked lining ever. If I was fortunate enough to own this, I would have no shame in wearing it inside out! From the Autumn/Winter 1990-91 Collection.

Fancy being gift-wrapped? From the Autumn/Winter 2009-10 Collection. Valentino's signature poppy red peeks through on this amazing gown from the Autumn/Winter 2004-05 Collection.

Red gown from the Autumn/Winter 2002 Collection. Strapless gown with dozens of hand-made taffeta rosettes from the Spring/Summer 2003 Collection.

Make sure to visit before the exhibition ends on November 14. Unfortunately, I have missed out on too many good shows recently so made sure that I got to this one. If you can't make it, more images can be seen here.

Photography credits: Jean Tholance.


BOB & MABEL said...

How amazing is this exhibition? I went in August and was blown away, loved every bit....even the animal print kaftans!!!

Jo said...

Thanks for the sneak peak at the exhibition. You really appreciate those designers when you see the workmanship close up. I wonder if I can wrangle a trip to Brisbane before it closes.....

Sandrine said...

I must go!Hope you had a lovely time with Elessa !(my girl is called Elsa, and we very rarely find and Elsa around...Elessa remind me of Elsa:) x

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I went to see this on Friday night! It was truly amazing! If anyone has the chance to go to the "Up Late" sessions, it's a great way to see this show... get dressed up, go with a few girlfriends and have a few glasses of bubbly!

What really amazed me about this work was the amount of detail in the pieces. I so badly wanted to touch them, though of course I think I would have been shot :)

Unknown said...

So gorgeous!!! I saw it when I was on holidays. Spent hours there. It was sooo late by the time I'd look at everything and read all the labels...Terese

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Thea,
I have not been to this show... so it was excellent to be taken on your tour! The photos are fabulous... I can imagine how inspired you were!

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