Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shop Preparations

This post is subtitled "How to Set Up a Shop in 3 Days". It's possible when you have enough help. With our official Studio and Shop Opening on Saturday, it's full-steam ahead.

Yesterday was Day 1. Dan cleared unslightly cobwebs from above the windows.

Mopped the floor.

Painted the floor. Yay for man power!

Behind the scenes, I was painting an old wooden table and training our new junior assistant Lara (you will meet her later) who was heat-setting fabrics and tagging tea-towels.

Last night, it was off to IKEA to buy shelving which made for a very long day but at least we got a nice meal at the cafe (yes, I like IKEA food). Today, we will get the shelving ready and make sure that we have LOTS of goodies for the opening that you will love for Mother's Day gifts.

Let me know if you plan to come. We would love to meet you and have your support. Fabric printing demonstrations are scheduled for 11.00 am and 1.00 pm.

PLUS all visitors will receive a raffle ticket and one lucky person will win a $100 Thea & Sami gift voucher that can be used to purchase fabric, homewares or go towards a screen-printing workshop.

Last week, we had a very special guest to our studio. To see who it was and to view more pictures of us screen-printing, click here. Thanks Jennie!


Felicity said...

Best wishes for a successful store opening Thea.
I'm sure there will be an excited buzz and I can imagine lots of happy people leaving through your front doors afterwards.

To Dan - have you recovered from the whirlwind visit of Ms Jennie yet? I can imagine there was laughter, talking and giggling unlike anything you've seen before!

Congratulations to you both and all who are assisting you in the creation of this space.

xx Felicity

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh wow, that is such a great set up, i'm still spinning from my day with you two last week. Very impressive & professional, glee!!
Bless Dan, he's from the same area of Sydney as my husband (Summer Hill) & pretty sure that only made me talk faster!!
Good luck with the Open Day, i blogged very happily about my time in the magical studio, have a fantastic weekend!! Love Posie (Jennie)

Claudia Lane said...

How exciting Thea, I'm sure your new adventure will be a great success. Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. xo

sean the prawn said...

I'm so excited for you Thea & Co.
All the best for Saturday's shop opening,I'm sure it will be a great success as will you be, your work is really beautiful.

flowerpress said...

Lots of excitement for you Thea, great to see great things happening after all your hard work :-)

Christy Franklin said...

The opening is this weekend?? Drats... I was planning on coming but I'll be camping.

And So I Whisper said...

Time flies! My best wishes for the opening and everything in this new venture.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Good luck with your opening! I hope it goes off with a blast!

Ikea food is fabulous! You should shower everyone with meatballs!

It looks like your business is going so well, Thea! And Dan! What a champion!

Life in the Country Lane said...

Exciting and busy times Thea. Hope all goes well. My best wishes and thoughts for a grand opening and successful day. Congratulations to you and your team.
Rebecca x

circle retreat quilter said...

Thea all the best for your grand opening, I would have loved to pop in but am on Quilt and Wedding retreat.... may I still pop in when I am passing by some time?

Kylie said...

I will be there - planning on getting there in time to see the 1pm screen printing:)

Thea said...

Thank you all for your best wishes. Don't worry if you can't make it tomorrow as we plan to have the studio shop open every Saturday from now on. You probably won't get to see us fabric printing though unless you make an appointment to visit during the week. x

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