Thursday, 10 November 2011

Keeping Busy

I have been a little quiet in the blog world lately and haven't had time to visit many of you so I apologise for that. We have had a few health concerns in the family but I've also been really busy screen-printing.

After a couple of quiet months in June & July, I was planning to introduce the customised printed napkins to our services but that idea has been put on the back burner since we have suddenly become inundated with wholesale and other orders. The best part is that new customers have been finding and contacting me. It is so much nicer than me having to chase sales.

I'm so grateful that Elessa, my daughter, has been around to help me since Lara has now left us to pursue a full-time career in Childcare. Along with our regular work, we have been printing custom-colours for customers such as this Red Hydrangea design on white linen

and this Black Fretwork print on white linen for a custom-made cushions order. Both prints looks so good and for a moment I wonder if I should add them to the range but then I wake up and remind myself how much work it is to maintain current stock levels.

The truth is that everything still passes through my two hands so early next year, I will need another studio junior to help us. Unfortunately, I really don't have time to train anyone new right now plus I really want to have a few weeks off at Christmas.

I also want to announce that the Studio Shop will only be open to the public on Fridays and not Saturdays. It was timely that I stopped teaching classes when I did with the growing demands on my time. I also need some rest on weekends! You are welcome to visit the studio at other times but only by appointment. See you soon.


julie said...

Hi Thea! I hope everything is ok with the family. I think this is the first time I've read a blog in weeks! Don't want to even know how long it's been since I posted a blog post, so slack! I've been consumed with work and baby stuff, plus I've been instructed to take it easy, feet up and do nothing, which well, isn't easy! I would have loved to come to your morning tea, it would have been the best time to catch up but we are heading away for a long weekend on that Thurs for my mum's 60th bday. Hopefully will get a chance to catch up before the baby comes.
Take care,


Beautiful House said...

Thea, your new fabric is lovely, I will pop on over to your shop, enjoy your day.

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

These look fantastic Thea. And you need to take some time for enjoy your weekends :) K xx

Creative Arty Facts said...

Hi Thea - thinking of you and hope you ride the storm through! Still love the fretwork print and black and white is one of my all time faves!

Unknown said...

Great idea Thea, to have some time to yourself. We all must do that from time to time...Have a great Christmas BTW...T

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