Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chalk Paint Chair Makeover

It's always a great feeling when you transform something you didn't like in the first place.

I love the results of painting and waxing with the Annie Sloan chalk paint range.

Image courtesy of Paint Me White

The chair transformation began at the Paint Me White chalk paint workshop back in April. That's me on the far right.

This was the chair in the original state, purchased for a whopping $10 at a flea market in Stanthorpe a couple of years ago. 

Yes, it took me that long to do anything with it as I was dreading the sanding and priming stage.

Which brings me to the BEST part of using the Annie Sloan chalk paints; no priming or sanding necessary. The 'Pure White' coat was painting straight over the old dark and varnished wood.

Back in my own studio, I stripped off the old floral fabric to reveal this ugly leather layer complete with ugly, rusted tacks on the back.

I really didn't want to open another can of worms so avoided stripping any further, afraid of what may lurk beneath and simply covered the leather with a layer of hemp/ cotton that I had. 

You could use a calico or similar fabric, particularly if you are using a lighter coloured fabric on top, as I did.

Choosing one of our own screen-printed linen fabrics, it was very easy it to stretch into place and secure with a staple gun.

The fabric I used is Thea & Sami 'Fretwork' in Blue Marine on white linen. 

The colour of the paint is Annie Sloan 'Louis Blue' and was finished with Annie Sloan Soft Wax and sanded until baby bottom smooth. Too easy!


Anonymous said...

Love your work Thea. Its adorable xx

Jo McComiskey said...

I love your work too..its pretty all white.

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