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Thursday, 29 November 2007

What are chick peas good for?

This is Kelly, my wonderful new assistant who wishes to remain faceless at this time.
What is she doing? you may well ask. I will tell you that she is laying out the pattern for one of the new jackets from our upcoming Spring/Summer 08 Collection. You even get a sneak preview of what one of the colours is - Passion Pink! Of course, we would need to include at least one powerful colour as we are not chromophobes.

Kelly is measuring the grain line on the pattern from the edge of the fabric to make sure that is is cut correctly and this is where the canned peas come into play. They are very useful for keeping the pattern from moving. We have very sophisticated and advanced tools in the Thea & Sami Print & Design Studio.

Why chick peas? You can't see that the can is chick peas so you will need to trust me that I am telling you the truth. Chick peas are very low in fat and high in protein. As I was planning to lose the extra weight that I gained throughout the (mild) Queensland winters, I decided to bring along the wonderful chick peas. Mysteriously they were more in demand as a tool of the fashion trade :)
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Lisa said...

Great blog Thea, and you give free nutrition lessons too! Am looking forward to being kept up to date with what's happening at Thea & Sami. The kids t-shirts are really cute and are the perfect addition to your fabulous range.

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