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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Flying Dolphins

Yesterday I printed my first samples of organic cotton t-shirts and I am quite miffed with them. Unfortunately, I thought my camera battery was dead so I didn't take more photos but it turned out that I had accidentally turned off the LCD screen - didn't even know that was possible until this morning.

The 2nd photo is an example of the many ways you can create a positive needed for making the silk-screen for printing. I rarely use digital design and this is just cut black paper which works brilliantly as it totally blocks out the light when exposing the screen.  You can see that you get nice crisp lines when you print.

I quickly took some photos of the new range this morning at 6.30 am with my reluctant in-house model. I had to edit off her head though because the faces she was pulling at that hour were not suitable for public viewing.

You can see the range to date at Thea & Sami's organic cotton t-shirts.
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