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Monday, 4 February 2008

Organic Fabrics

We are really excited about our new fashion collection that we are also sampling in organic or eco-fabrics. I am such a nerd but I had to stick all the swatches that I received on cards and label them so I could figure out what was what. These are some of the yummy fabrics that are available in organic cottons, linens, hemp and soy blends to name a few. These particular ones will be coming from the States as the available range in Australia is sadly limited and very expensive.

This is slowly changing and I did manage to source a locally knitted, soft organic cotton jersey which is now listed on our shopping site at a retail price much cheaper than most. Email me for a free swatch (if you live in Australia) and watch this space because we will be printing this beautiful fabric with our own designs and offering it for sale by the metre. As we are able to print these ourselves - we can have any colour we want! We are also developing our own range of cuddly soft sleepwear and t-shirts all in organic cotton.
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colette said...

Hi Thea. Congratulations on your new project using organic fabrics. I'm currently trying to source similar fabrics but since you've already done all the hard work I was wondering whether you'd mind passing on the contact information for some of the more cost efficient suppliers ....

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