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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Shooting the Photographer

Thea and Sami had their first "real" fashion shoot yesterday with a "real" photographer and a "real" model - not just friends and staff. Thanks to the following talents that made it all possible:

Christina, the make-up artist - she is also "real" meaning that she is qualified and experienced but she also happens to be my sister. When you are new in business - you have to save where you can. We are using my bathroom.

The lovely model is Nicole Weston who was supplied to us by Vivien's Model Management in Brisbane and Catherine Lowe is the passionate and talented photographer.

The "studio" is my living room. With all the wet weather we have had lately in Brisbane, I didn't want to risk going on location. Being at home, we were able to use props that we wouldn't have thought of bringing and even loaned the model a pair of linen shoes that perfectly matched some of the outfits. It was great to freshly press the clothes that are mainly natural linen - cool to wear and wonderful to screen-print.

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