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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Pattern Maker

As I am trained in textile design and not fashion per se, I do depend on the skills of others to help produce our label. Here we present Leanne, our professional pattern maker. Do you need a patternmaker? Well, unless you know how to make commercial standard patterns yourself then yes, you do. Don't even think of taking those cheap, paper patterns that you buy from your local fabric store to a manufacturer because they will show you the door quicker than you can say Coco Chanel.

A good pattern maker is not cheap but should be able to translate your design ideas onto cardboard ready for sampling and save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. Leanne is doing some corrective surgery to one of our dress patterns which needed adjustment in the neck line.

One tip for keeping your pattern maker working happily is a good cup of cappuccino - it worked for us - see below. Keep checking our website for updates on the new range of Thea & Sami hand-printed fashions.

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