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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Design Inspiration

Design inspiration - I'm often asked where it comes from. For me, it comes from my surroundings. Thea & Sami's new screen-printed designs are inspired by elements of colonial architecture.

The design idea used for our new hemp Fretwork Tea-Towel comes from the fretwork gable of a traditional Queensland homestead, known locally as Queenslanders. The natural hemp is perfectly complimented with hand-printed turquoise water-based ink but we will be adding more colours. We have also used this beautiful print in our new fashion collection so please keep checking back for updates.

We are adding more products to the homewares range as we develop them. To view, visit the Thea & Sami on-line store and click on homewares.

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1 comment:

of paper & thread said...

Love this design and great to see the inspiration behind it...

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