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Thursday, 6 March 2008

What can you screen-print?

Thea & Sami teach regular weekend screen-printing classes which are fun and participants cut out stencils so they can start printing immediately with no prior experience.

I am always amazed by the different ideas people can come up with in just one afternoon. It's always a joy when I get emails thanking me for the fun workshops and to see the products develop further; be it a cushion, tote bag or as art wonderfully stretched over a canvas like the example featured here.

Our novice screen-printer, Dianne Lloyd joined the beginners' class last Saturday and did her leaves design in a two-colour print, repeated 3 times across cotton fabric. The finishing touches of white were added at home. Just imagine what she will be doing with a little more practice!

To find out more about the classes, visit Thea and Sami Screen-Printing Workshops.
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1 comment:

Dianne said...

I'm flattered to see my effort up there Thea! The whole exercise was great fun and very rewarding.

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