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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Staying Motivated

I cannot believe that 3 months have passed since I have submitted a post! I have been so busy with Thea & Sami's first fashion orders for Spring/Summer and have now signed a lease to expand our premises.

A lot of creative people work alone and may find it hard to stay motivated at times. So with this in mind , I invited a small group of artisans and designers to get together for a meeting. That was in August 2007 and amazingly, we have been meeting once a month ever since! It's a wonderful way to get feedback on design ideas or business issues and encourage one another.

It's easy to start your own group.  Most creative people love to "share and care", as I like to call it, so don't be surprised if people you ask say yes to the concept.

Pictured from our most recent meeting are some of our group.  Above: Susannah (jewellery), KT (wallpaper) and Rebecca (lingerie) and below: we have Jay Dee (artist/printmaker) and Laura who is currently studying Printmaking/Graphic Design and doing work experience in the Thea & Sami Studio.

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