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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Thank You Fans

Hand-printing fabrics is a slow process so imagine my delight when hubby Voyt scored some wonderful old industrial fans for peanuts. This is one advantage of him selling industrial real estate.  Destined for scrap-metal, six fans have now been given a loving home in the Thea & Sami studio.

After much needed cleaning, we put them to the test and these guys are super-duper efficient! Our 7 metre table-length of printed fabric was dry in 10 minutes.  I was impressed as this means we can now print more yummy fabrics in a fraction of the time than previously possible.


And to demonstrate that inspiration surrounds us, I started playing with the original image (yes, part of my studio walls are pink) in Photoshop and came up with this retro type print.  Possibly a t-shirt print, what do you think?  Go ahead and try it - any photo of an object can become art.  If you have Photoshop, go to Image, then Adjustment and play around with the Hue/Saturation settings.

Speaking of fans, if you have been lurking (we've all done it) on this blog for a while, do consider publicly following my blog and please say hello.  All bloggers appreciate comments and feedback on their craft and designs.

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Little Jane St said...

you lucky LUCKY thing!

Emma said...

Oooo how exciting, so glad you got your hands on those fans!

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