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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Coffee, Cake and Blooms

I love Anna Bartlett's whimsical art! I have raved about it before when I purchased one of her fabulous art bags as a Christmas gift for my sister.

I was so excited to print these linen tea-towels for Anna last week and now I can show you. The top design is "Coffee and Cake" in lilac and the other is "Bloom" in spring green.

Remember how I told you that I love teaching screen-printing workshops because of the cool people I meet? Well Anna is another prime example and while I sometimes do screen-print for other people, I confess I can only print things I really like. Am I bad?

To see more of Anna's wonderful art and for information on how to purchase visit Shiny Happy Thoughts.

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mygirl said...

love love love these

Kylie said...

These are fabulous Thea! can't wait to see your stall at the craft fair next week.

Helen said... too especially the coffee and cake! You find the best things Thea thank you for sharing.

Looking forward to seeing all of your goodies up close at the Stitches and craft Show next week!


Thea said...

Thank you all. And I can't wait to meet all of your creative Brisbanites. Keep watching, we have more goodies coming.

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Love them - where can we buy them? I think I saw that you are doing a screen printing workshop at the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show - I can't wait! :-)

Thea said...

Yes, I am doing screenprinting demos at the show.
The Anna Bartlett tea-towels will be available soon on her new website. Meanwhile, you can email her at: anna[at]annabartlett[dot]com

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