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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Knitting Weather

With all the rain in Brisbane of late and cooler weather, I have just been itching to knit. So I dug out my half-finished vest that I began more than 3 years ago while living in Canada. Somehow it always seems easier to knit when it is cold outside and you are feeling cosy sitting on the inside.

I have decided that I need to get back to crafting for pleasure and I am determined to finish this 70s vest as per the knitting pattern below.

I used to love scouring op-shops for great vintage craft books in Canada, not so easy to find in Australia. "Make It Yourself" was published in 1973 and has the pattern that I am using. You can also find some free vintage knit patterns at Vintage Purls.

You may not appreciate my choice of colours but I do like to throw together unusual colour combinations for my personal use and always have something original.

Shortly before returning to Australia, I had joined a Stitch and Bitch group in Mississauga, Ontario. We met once a month at a local pizzeria and everybody brought along their knitting and well, just stitched and bitched. It was quite good because Linda Benne-Finnie , the lady who started the group also owned the knitting store across the road and could always offer expert advice. In fact, she was and still is the fastest knitter in North America! Read about her here.

I would love to start a Stitch and Bitch group in Brisbane and people of all levels could come along and knit or crochet while socialising. More experienced crafters could help beginners. It would not cost anything except the price of a coffee or snack, depending on where we meet. Is anyone interested?

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Bec said...

I'm definitely a beginner knitter and crocheter, but would love to join a stitch and bitch group and maybe make something other than my usual scarfs and beanies!!! Cheers, Bec :)

Thea said...

Great Bec. I think I will start a sign-up list at the Stitches and Craft Show. We only really half a dozen girls to start with - it will be fun!

9crafty11 said...'s like you just read my mind. I too have dragged my knitting out due to our weather, & have been wishing for a group to join. I'm very much a beginner as well, & have many questions with no-one to ask really, so I would love to attend these meets. And I know my SIL's might want to go as well!

Thea said...

I will speak to some of the wool sellers at the Show and see if we can get some attendees of higher levels too. I am self-taught but find that every knitting pattern is just a combination of knits & purls.

Benign Chicanery said...

There are one or two Brisbane Stitch and Bitch groups already running. Are you on Ravelry? (If not, you must sign up! It's knit heaven and totally free.) They organise on there.

Thea said...

Had a look at Ravelry... seems much easier to start our own. Now I have to wait 2 days to receive an invitation just to see what is happening on the site; there are 1725 people ahead of me.

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