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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nature Designs Scarves

I was tired and I did manage to get lost but the trip to Beatrice Jackson's gallery opening last Friday night made it all worthwhile.  I have seen examples of her beautiful work before but this current "Influenced by Nature" exhibition is breath-taking and truly inspiring.

Each one-of-a-kind creation is hand-woven by Beatrice and then shibori-dyed to replicate its natural influence. The photographs were taken by Jane Simpkins who also happens to be Beatrice's daughter. This is a photo of a Scribby Gum.  The Scribbly is a type of eucalyptus tree that has distinctive brownish 'scribbles', made by the larvae of the tiny scribbly moth.

The corresponding scarf above has been woven, dyed and then hand-stitched.

Excuse my reflection in Jane's photo of the heliconia; the spotlight on it made it impossible to take a good shot. Don't you just love the colours of the beautiful scarf it
has influenced?

The exhibition is on until May 23rd at Logan Art Gallery, just south of Brisbane.

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