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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Small Details Matter

I love my roll of hemp twine.  I use it to cut and thread through hang tags to safety-pin onto our products. It's not easy being green as this is very time-consuming and using a tagging gun which I did in a previous not-so-environmentally-responsible life was much faster.

The little details do make a difference though and I think they look pretty good and much nicer than those ugly plastic tag holders. Our hang-tags are also printed on recycled paper, saving those extra trees from the mill.

The order that goes with these tags is our Autumn/Winter fashion collection going to Bliss Ecowear today.

We will also be showing some new hand-printed organic fashions at Artisan at a Mother's Day charity breakfast on Tuesday, May 5th. More details to follow but please keep the morning free if you are in Brisbane. The Artisan breakfasts are always lovely events and raise funds for a worthy cause, in this case the Royal Brisbane Childrens' Hospital.

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Stephanie said...

AAArrrrrhhh yes the hand made do it yourself swing tags. We are at this stage right now hehe. But we get Moo to do the hole punching... works so far!! I can lend her to you... hehe

Thea said...

Our tags are punched by the printers but if Moo can thread the twine through the tag & knot it.. she's hired!

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