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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Barbie Falls To Pieces

Barbie turned 50 this year and she has gone to pieces over it.

I have happily discovered Brooklyn designer
Margaux Lange who uses Barbie dolls' bits and pieces to create her amazing art jewellery.

I'd like to creep my husband out with a pair of these Barbie Smile Cufflinks.

How about this Barbie Hand Hinge Bracelet?

And of course you wouldn't want to waste those impossibly perky breasts so here are the Barbie Have A Heart Bust Necklaces.

You will never run out of hands with the Barbie Crescent Hand Necklace.

To view more fabulous creations and to purchase your own, visit Margaux's blog
Midge's Mind. Images are courtesy of Margaux Lange.

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trashalou said...

They are all extraordinary creepy except for the booby heart necklace. That just makes me laugh.

urban craft said...

love the doll parts. It's very "Dexter" only in real life and not on television.

Katy said...

That Boob necklace is awesome and disturbing at the same time...

Beach Vintage said...

Never seen anything like it. Very creative thats for sure. See you tomorrow Thea.

Helen said...

Oh Thea she's wild isn't she! Oh I remember howling at my younger sister for dismembering my "precious" Barbie collection when I was younger.I can probably be blamed now for stunting her artistic creativity!


Margaux Lange said...

Thanks for the mention! I have a response blog dedicated to my work called "creepy but cool" if you're interested:
I've gotten every possible response you can imagine! It's part of why I love making this jewelry! :-)

Thanks again,

blossomnbird said...

they are fantastic :D..what wonderful finds

ClaireBee said...

: ) That's so great!

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