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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fat Free Donuts

Plush donuts that look good enough to eat (almost). You can make these yourself and the kits can be purchased at the Two Cheese Please stand. You'll be pleased to know that the filling supplied is no longer polyfil but locally sourced wool fleece, a sustainable choice.

Creator Holly McGuire also makes the most impossibly detailed hand-cut stamps. Holly was my neighbour at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show too so it was nice to see a familiar face and welcome her to the Sunshine State; our days have been sunny and warm all week.

I have neglected to take any decent photos of my own stand but this is a glimpse of the Thea and Sami stand. On offer here are the mushrooms tote bag and fun fish craft kits, fabric packs (supply since replenished) and delicious hand-printed tea-towels ideal for Mother's Day.

I should share a little of the crazy week I have had. Demonstrating screen-printing without running water has been interesting and I'm certain that many witnessed the less-than-glamourous lady carting a basin of water to and from the public toilets.

The bad: I ran out of fuel on Thursday night (gauge not working) and waited for over an hour for roadside assistance. The good: the auto club membership had lapsed so was grateful that they still rescued me and didn't charge me for the fuel.

The bad: on Wednesday, I spilt my entire hot coffee all over my bag (not yours
Lyssy May) which leaked through to the contents. The good: the coffee was on the floor and not on the fabrics table.

The bad: last night poor Shannon of
My Girl got a parking ticket because it was nearly impossible to find parking near Southbank where some of the Incubator participants were having an evening picnic. Luckily, I am paranoid enough to always read the parking signs properly. Mmm... I guess there is no good here except that it would have been worse if they had towed her away.

I can only hope that the weekend is without further mishaps. Please be kind to my husband when he is manning the stand during my short absences and do say hello to us and all in the Incubator.

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Beach Vintage said...

Things always happen in 3's so nothing else will go wrong now. Love the fabric donuts!

Thea said...

Good to know Simone! Today was a better day.

Polka Dot Daze said...

I love those donuts! How lovely to have your own stand.

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